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What is caving?

Caving - the sport or pastime of exploring caves

What draws people to caving is the sense of adventure it provides. To get to your destination, you might need to hike, scramble, abseil, crawl, wade, climb, or even swim through an environment completely alien to most. You’ll visit underground waterfalls, cathedral sized chambers, and amazing speleothems which few other people will ever see, and enjoy the scenery of some of the UK’s finest national parks to boot!

Everybody gets something different from caving. Between sightseeing, exploring, photography, leading, climbing, abseiling, surveying, digging, and diving, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, but as it’s such an unfamiliar environment, you’re guaranteed to start in the same place as everyone else!

Essentially though, caving is everything your Mum didn’t want you to do at University. There’s mud everywhere, you unexpectedly go travelling, and there’s alcohol. We can’t recommend it enough.

What do we do?

Alongside cave exploration, we also provide the opportunity to develop skills including leadership, group management, hazard awareness, first aid, and Single Rope Technique. Dedicated members are quickly given the chance to become cave leaders, committee members, and to take part in national and international events.

Caving often becomes a significant part of our members’ university lives, especially as the activity we do inherently requires an element of trust and co-dependency. As such, you’ll find yourself at home right away, both in our group and in the caving huts!

In addition, we keep close ties with various nationwide caving organisations, including the Council for Higher Education Caving Clubs, and South East Cave Rescue Organisation. Expect to meet new friends from across the country in your caving travels.

Claustrophobic? Scared of the dark or heights?

Don't worry, you’re not the first (or last)! Everything we do is a challenge by choice. Confronting your fears can be a wonderful and gratifying experience, but it isn’t one we seek out. Leaders will choose caves which are suitable for the whole group, and routes can be adapted if one is proving too difficult.

Put simply, you’ll never be do something you’re scared of, although if you fancy trying, we’ll happily oblige.